Meet Jaymes

Positive change for Jaymes

Everyone has a different story and Ozanam House provides support and accommodation to initiate a positive change in their lives.

“I walked into Ozanam House dying. I walked out on the way to healthy.”

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- Jaymes

Meet Jaymes*, a softly spoken young man who became suddenly homeless following a total health breakdown during COVID.

Having travelled the world as a barista, Jaymes was last year one of the almost 25,000 Victorians experiencing homelessness. “When I was unable to do that (work) due to injury, I lost everything,” he says.

During the pandemic, Jaymes found himself at Ozanam House due to his escalating health conditions, including being immune suppressed after having worked for 16 years as a barista. At Ozanam House, Jaymes had the opportunity to join its Client Volunteer Program which provides café training to clients.

“Being here is so incredibly different. Getting back behind that machine eight years later and to be able to make some coffees... I am just so happy about it. It is just such a healing experience.”

He also had the added worry of trying to find an interim home for his beloved pet cat and dog Molly and Boo Boo. He said, “I have always wanted to live in a tiny home, to be able to sleep properly with the cat on my chest purring and the dog under my arm.”

We are so happy to share that Jaymes’ has since moved into his tiny home.

The journey was anything but straightforward, but with the right support, he was able to fulfil his dream.

Jaymes’ recovery started when he walked through the doors of our crisis accommodation centre Ozanam House and now he has finally found the wonderful place where he belongs!

*First name used only for privacy reasons.