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We work with children and young people across South Australia to raise awareness of social justice issues within their community and empower them to create positive change within their own lives and their community.

It's time to get creative! By developing innovative ways to raise funds and amplify our work, young people can feel empowered with the knowledge that they are making a difference to people in their community who are experiencing disadvantage and hardship.

Here are some ideas on how young people can contribute:

  • Undertaking fundraising activities such as bake sales and casual days.
  • Cooking and preparing food on-site at school to nourish guests of the Fred’s Van meal service and the Vinnies Crisis Centres.
  • Cooking BBQ lunches and breakfasts at the Vinnies Men’s Crisis Centre.
  • Collecting non-perishable and long-shelf life food for us to pass on to those in need.
  • Collecting toiletries, clothing and personal items for the men, women and children staying in our Crisis Centres and accessing support at the Vinnies Refugee and Asylum Seeker Centre.
  • Collecting toys and gifts for the Christmas appeal so we can bring joy to families.

Partnering with Vinnies means everyone benefits, and we enjoy helping children and young people to develop a deeper understanding about poverty, charity and philanthropy and how to be socially responsible in an increasingly self-focused world.

Staff and volunteers can share tailored presentations and run workshops on a number of issues that are impacting our community, including:

  • Poverty
  • Charity and philanthropy
  • Volunteering
  • Social Justice
  • Social issues that impact society, such as homelessness and domestic violence (for older students)
  • The support services and programs offered by Vinnies in SA and why people turn to us for help. 

A Vinnies School Sleepout provides a unique insight into the complex issues that people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage face by “sleeping rough” for one night.

Schools are well placed to help shape and influence community awareness and opinions. Participating in a Vinnies School Sleepout encourages students to gain a deeper understanding of homelessness whilst raising funds and awareness within their wider community.

Vinnies provides people experiencing poverty with essential support to rebuild their lives and reconnect with the community. We can only do it because of your support, and demand on Vinnies' services is ever increasing.

Joining hands with us through this sleepout, you can create awareness about the challenging lives many people are facing in our own communities, take actions of solidarity as well as raise funds to help Vinnies assist people experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Sleepouts need to be held at school, but don’t have to be outside or for a full night if it doesn’t suit. Hosting a sleepout will:

  • Encourage students to connect with a current big issue in our community.
  • Challenge your community to raise funds and make a difference through social justice.
  • Allow your community to advocate for people in need.
  • Raise awareness of homelessness and break down stereotypes .
  • Bring staff and students together with a united cause that benefits the community.

Download a Schools Sleepout Kit

'Mini Vinnies' groups empower primary school students to become advocates within their school and local community by putting Vinnies Values into action. They meet regularly to learn about social justice issues, develop leadership skills and engage with the local community.

All primary schools are welcome to start a Mini Vinnies group; it is not just open to Catholic schools. You will need a group of students who are interested in getting involved and a parent or teacher willing to support the group, as well as permission from the school.

Mini Vinnies can be made up of students from a range of school levels or students from specific year levels. Most Mini Vinnies groups consist of students in Years 4, 5 and 6.

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