Fundraise for Vinnies

Support from generous people like you enables Vinnies to changes lives for the thousands of men, women and children experiencing disadvantage who turn to us each day.


Why fundraise?

One of the most valuable ways to show your support and contribute towards real and positive change is by fundraising for Vinnies. The more funds raised on our behalf, the more people we can help.

How can I get involved?

Join one of our Vinnies events or bring your own idea to life.  You have the power to raise funds, shape awareness and inspire action in your own community. Check out all the ways to get involved below.

Start fundraising!

Want to fundraise like a pro? Check out our Community Fundraising Toolkit here.

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Contact us

Keen to make a difference?  Contact our Community Fundraising Coordinator at 02 9568 0211 or for questions and to get started. Vinnies is here to support you every step of the way.

  • Vinnies community and school sleepouts

    At Vinnies Sleepouts communities and students glimpse the realities of homelessness by sleeping rough for one night and raising awareness and funds to help us secure affordable housing for everyone.

  • Fitness challenges

    Whether fitness is your thing or you stroll across the finish line in fancy dress, make a difference with your next run, walk, bike, swim or relay by fundraising to break the cycle of homelessness. 

  • Personal challenges

    Challenge yourself to do something tough (quitting sugar, walking every day) or something wacky (dye your hair, fancy dress) to make a difference for people doing it tough while having some fun and accomplishing a goal for yourself.

  • In celebration or in memory

    There is no greater way of celebrating a special occasion or honouring a loved one than by making a difference for others. Why not request donations to Vinnies instead of gifts for a birthday, wedding or anniversary or in lieu of flowers in memory of a loved one.

  • Have your own fundraising Idea?

    Have your own fundraising idea? From BBQs to bake sales and everything in between, get creative and fundraise your own way. You might consider a dinner party, fashion parade, auction, raffle or sporting event. Get your...

  • Learn to Give

    Learn to Give Learn to Give enables students to practically apply their tertiary education knowledge and skills to real world industry challenges. By working with Vinnies in the not-for-profit sector, students become...

  • Clothing drives, toy collections and food hampers

    Whilst financial donations are the most effective means to provide the right kind of assistance, we understand that there are other generous ways to give.