As a volunteer-run organisation, the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society is largely carried out by members of the community who generously give their time and skills to help others. We pride ourselves on a vibrant and skilful culture, with a passion for volunteering.

Volunteering with Vinnies is an enriching, rewarding and purposeful experience. The diverse and invaluable contributions of our volunteers builds supportive, connected and inclusive communities and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those we support. 

Thank you for helping us change lives, including yours!

There are opportunities available both during and after business hours. Many volunteering positions are ongoing, but short-term opportunities are also available.

Learn more about our programs that are currently accepting new volunteers below:

  • Administration

    "I volunteer with Vinnies as a website administrator. I believe that volunteering is an amazing journey and you will get more out of the experience than you give. For me, volunteering is the opportunity to interact with the friendly Vinnies team,...

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  • Emergency Relief Helpline

    “Volunteering on the Helpline keeps me in contact with others, builds on my skills and I feel I get more from volunteering than I give” The Emergency Relief Helpline is often the first point of contact for many of the people we serve. Staff...

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  • Samaritan House

    "As much as I enjoy practicing skills I'm going to use in the workplace, it's just a pleasure to see people be given chances my family never had." Samaritan House is a 13 bed, crisis accommodation program for men aged between 18 and 65...

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  • Compeer

    "I've done different types of volunteering my whole life. During my time with Vinnies I started volunteering with the Compeer program. This was by far the most rewarding volunteering I've done to date and I know it enriched both mine and my...

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  • Night Patrol

    "I'm a team leader for a Night Patrol team which is always a lot of fun. The people you meet and smiles you create is something you can't get through paid work no matter what you do." Night Patrol is one of our most recognised services,...

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  • Centres

    "Volunteering makes me feel part of the community and useful." We operate 27 retail shops, commonly called ‘Vinnies’, which are a valuable resource enabling people to buy quality clothing and other household items at an affordable...

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  • Thread Together Clothing Hub @ Vinnies

    "As much as I enjoy practicing skills I'm going to use in the workplace, it's just a pleasure to see people be given chances my family never had." The Thread Together Clothing Hub @ Vinnies is a joint venture between the St Vincent de...

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  • Youth Programs

    "I thoroughly enjoy volunteering with Vinnies as it gives me many opportunities to develop my own skills, gives me an outlet to spend time on issues that I feel strongly about and, pushes me outside of my comfort zone." There are three Vinnies...

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  • General Hand

    "Volunteering makes me feel part of the community and useful." 27 Centres throughout the Canberra Goulburn region, which raise much needed funds to support people in need. Our shops are run by volunteers who assist customers with their...

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  • Blue Door

    The motto of the Blue Door is "people helping each other to do life better" Blue Door is a drop-in centre within Ainslie Village that provides support such as free nutritious breakfasts and lunch, haircuts, hygiene supplies, clothing and...

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  • Migrant and Refugee Schools Program

    "Last year I volunteered together at Florey Primary School doing the migrant and refugee mentoring program which was really incredible and I'd encourage everyone to get involved with it." The program aims to foster a sense of identity and...

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  • Apply to volunteer with Vinnies Canberra/Goulburn

    CMS Form: Volunteer application Canberra/Goulburn

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  • Things you should know:

    St Vincent de Paul Society has a large number of volunteer applications and cannot guarantee to place volunteers in their service of choice, but will always recognise your rights as a volunteer. Volunteer roles are offered to prospective applicants on...

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