Street to Home will be closed 25th, 26th & 31st December, and 1st January.

What is Street to Home?
Street to Home supports people who are ‘sleeping rough’ in Canberra. The service has a strong focus on both physical and mental health. Street to Home has six flats for crisis or housing first options for rough sleepers. Street to Home works under the Service Guarantee from specialist homelessness services, and upholds the ACT Mental Health Charter of Rights.

Who can access this service?
Those sleeping rough in Canberra.

Where is the service located?
Canberra, ACT

Who benefits from Street to Home?
Street to Home uses an ‘assertive outreach’ model, which means that St Vincent de Paul staff actively seek those sleeping rough and engage them to build a relationship based on understanding and respect. Our staff will continue to offer support even if initially turned away.

Can I volunteer for this service?
Yes please email

How can I find out more about Street to Home?
Referrals to the Street to Home program are made through One Link:
P: 1800 176 468