What is the Clemente Program?
Clemente is a free university education program offered in partnership with the Australian Catholic University (ACU). It is open to any interested people, but especially those who have suffered setback in their lives.
Many Clemente students are striving to deal with complex issues such as mental illness, disability, addiction, unemployment, homelessness, or family breakdown. By focusing on the humanities, the Clemente program helps people re-engage with their community and better understand the world around them. There are no costs to students whatsoever and upon completion of four subjects, students receive a Certificate in Liberal Studies from ACU. Clemente is fully funded from the Society’s resources with ACU providing some university facilities.

Who can access the Clemente Program?
Someone who is marginalised and/or  disadvantaged and who wants to re-engage in education.

Where is the service located?
At the Australian Catholic University
223 Antill Street
Watson ACT 2602

Who benefits from the Clemente Program?
The Clemente Program can help anyone who has a keen interest in learning and is willing to commit to studies which can include:  the Certificate in Liberal Studies Program, the Pathways (bridging) Program and the Community (leisure) Program.

Benefits of the Clemente Program include increased self-esteem, improved social connections, more structured lives, and an opportunity to exercise ones intellect and imagination. Upon completion of the Clemente courses students are encouraged to continue studying or to seek employment.

Can I volunteer for the Clemente Program?
Yes, please email volunteer@svdp-cg.org.au

How can I find out more about the Clemente Program?
Email: info@svdp-cg.org.au  or  clemente@svdp-cg.org.au

Phone: 0418 714 835