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What is Night Patrol?

Night Patrol was founded in August 2001, with the following objective:

“To engage with companions on the streets at night, offering friendship, support and compassion while upholding their dignity.”

The program currently operates two vehicles, staffed with over three hundred volunteers. These vehicles stop at four scheduled locations, 364 nights of the year. Anyone in need is welcome to attend the van at its location. There, they will be provided with light refreshments such as sandwiches, soup, biscuits, fruit, and drinks such as tea, coffee and milo.

Our companions can also access clothing, in the form of jackets, jumpers, gloves, scarves and other winter accessories. Night Patrol also provides blankets, sleeping bags and hygiene items like soap and body wash, dental care products, sunscreen and shaving items. Good quality shoes are offered to those that need it. Swags can be arranged upon request, under the condition of an allotted one per person.

Most importantly, Night Patrol seeks to provide a space to our companions that is non-judgemental, a place for human connection with our enthusiastic and compassionate volunteers.


Locations and Times

The vehicles stay for approximately thirty to forty-five minutes. This may vary due to demand, traffic and other factors. 

Our locations and times have been recently changed to provide a greater level of consistency for those who attend the van. Please find our new flyer here.

Van 1

Van 2

7:00pm Dickson Library,

Dickson Place Carpark

Dickson Library

7:00pm Old Queanbeyan Visitor’s Information Centre

Corner of Lowe Street and Farrer Place

Old Queanbeyan Visitor Centre

8:00pm Veteran’s Park

Corner of Bunda and Mort Street

Veteran’s Park

8:00pm Canberra Centre/Illumincube

Ainslie Avenue

Canberra Centre




Interested in Volunteering?

Night Patrol operates on a light commitment policy. Volunteers with Night Patrol are required only to do one night per month, though more shifts are always available.

We also gladly receive help from corporate/community groups for one-off activities.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to:


Questions or Queries?
Have a question or need to know more? Please direct them to


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