What is Blue Door?
The Blue Door is a drop-in centre that provides support such as a free nutritious take-away meals, clothing and furniture vouchers as well as information, advice, advocacy and referrals. The Blue Door has over 2000 ‘drop ins’ each month.

To be COVID-safe, Blue Door currently opens for take-away meals from 11:00am until 1:30pm. Support at other times can be arranged by calling the Blue Door Coordinator on 0438 714 542.

Who can access Blue Door?
Blue Door is open to anyone in need. Three quarters of our drop ins are from Ainslie Village residents.

Where is the service located?
Blue Door has been an integral part of ‘Ainslie Village’ in Canberra since 1983 and is located in the Canberra suburb of Ainslie.

Who benefits from Blue Door?
Ainslie Village is a large community housing site providing accommodation to approximately 200 people who are living on very low incomes. Blue Door services are delivered in a supportive setting, ensuring that Blue Door is a non-threatening, safe and secure place for Ainslie Village residents and other guests to access these services, relax and socialise. A team of dedicated staff, assisted by committed volunteers, runs the service.

Can I volunteer for this service?
Yes please email volunteer.cg@vinnies.org.au

How can I find out more about Blue Door?
Phone: (02) 6234 7391
Email: BlueDoor.cg@vinnies.org.au