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We work with students across the Canberra/Goulburn region to raise awareness of social justice issues within their community and empower them to create positive change within their own lives and their community.

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Email: schools.cg@vinnies.org.au

Primary School students visiting and learning about the Night Patrol team near the van.
Vinnies Workshops social tile.

Vinnies Workshops

Social Justice Workshop

In this interactive workshop students will explore:

  • Social justice
  • Social justice issues within Australia
  • How Vinnies addresses social injustices
  • What students and schools can do to help

Homelessness Workshop

In this interactive workshop students will explore:

  • Types of homelessness
  • Causes of homelessness
  • How Vinnies support people experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • What students and schools can do to help

Night Patrol Van Visit

During this visit students will explore:

  • Brief overview of homelessness
  • How Vinnies support people experiencing homelessness
  • Tour of the Night Patrol Van
  • Students will also be invited to participate in a Night Patrol Roleplay

Duration: 1 session, 15 minutes

Each includes a presentation and activities. Suitable for Kindergarten – Year 12.
We can tailor our each program to your schools needs.

What We Feed Ourselves

This program explores preventative health through diet and sleep as well as harm minimization strategies for substance use.

These sessions can be delivered as a package throughout the year or can run as a stand-alone session.

We tailor these sessions to your school, prior to the session we conduct a survey to assess the needs of the students and their learning goals.

Session 1: Alcohol and Other Drugs

  • Harm Minimisation Strategies for Alcohol Use
  • How to care for an intoxicated friend
  • Drug education

Session 2: Nutrition and Body Image

  • Australian Guide to Health Eating
  • Nutrition Education
  • Fad Diets and Misinformation
  • Promoting positive body image

Session 3: Sleep and Self-Care

  • Sleep Requirements and Purpose
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Effect of sleep deprivation
  • Self-Care strategies


This program focus’ on preventative mental health factors and supporting student wellbeing.

In this interactive workshop students will explore:

  • Identity
  • Emotions
  • Friendships
  • Help Seeking Mental Health and Wellbeing

Includes a presentation and activities.
Suitable for Year 3 – Year 6.
This program can be 1 full day program, 4 x 80-90 minute sessions or 8 x 60-80 minute sessions.

Want to establish a Mini Vinnies at your school or have one and want some support?

Email us: schools.cg@vinnies.org.au

For resources and inspiration for your Mini Vinnies group go to Teacher Recourses.

We can attend school assemblies, social justice group meetings and other school events.

Winter Appeal

  • The Vinnies Winter Appeal provides emergency relief to people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

School Sleepouts

  • School sleepouts put students and teachers in the shoes of people experiencing primary homelessness.

Christmas Appeal

  • The Vinnies Christmas Appeal helps to make Christmas a more positive time for people experiencing hardship. Schools can donate gifts for children and their families who are experiencing financial disadvantage and social disadvantage as well as young carers.

Volunteer with Us

  • Vinnies has multiple volunteering opportunities. These include Youth Programs: St Joes, St Nicks and VINES as well as Night Patrol, Compeer, retail and more.
  • Find out more information about Volunteer Opportunities in Canberra.

Want to get involved?

Contact us at schools.cg@vinnies.org.au

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