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Membership in ACT & surrounds

Our members are everyday people but what they do is extraordinary.

Society members are passionate about helping those in need in their local community and work together in groups known as ‘conferences’, bringing together a great depth of understanding, expertise and compassion to their service and involvement in the society.

A woman (conference member) kindly offers a bag of groceries to a man (companion).

Who are our Conference Members?

Our Conference Members (volunteers) are a diverse group of people who carry out the ‘good works’ of the Society in the ACT and surrounding region. Members are the backbone of the Society, helping companions in a number of ways, giving them a ‘hand up’ to make life-changing decisions. Conference members also determine the strategic direction of the Society and how best to provide our programs and services to people in need.

What do they do?

For over 180 years, Home Visitation and Emergency Relief has remained the core work of the Society. Inspired by the Society’s founders in 1833, our Conference Members continue to visit people in their homes or within Vinnies Centres (shops) to provide support, friendship and material assistance.

The conference responds on a person-to-person basis always with two members working alongside and accompanying those seeking assistance. This help is directly related to the specific needs of the individual, and can include, among other things, assistance with food, utility bills, clothing, education support, or connection to services.

Conference work is not limited to home visitation – members will meet regularly, usually weekly but at least fortnightly to pray in fellowship as they respond to calls for help from those in their local area. Members also involve themselves in community work as well as other works of the Society.

Home Visitation

Emergency Relief

Where do they operate?

With 49 Conferences made up of approximately over 530 members, we cover the following areas (see map below):

Conferences Map

Interested in becoming a Conference Member?

OR Contact our team at (02) 6282 2722 or email conferences.cg@vinnies.org.au

To become a member you will be required to complete Character Check Requirements.

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