Vinnies Shops in NSW

With 229 Vinnies Shops in suburbs and towns across NSW, there’s a good chance there’s one near you! 

Our Shops are a treasure trove of bargains of all kinds - clothing, accessories, home wares, books, CD’s and DVDs, furniture, sporting goods and more.  You really never know what you will find on your next visit to Vinnies.

Vinnies Shops are run by dedicated volunteers and employees. As well as offering value for money prices on a range of pre-loved goods, they also directly assist people experiencing disadvantage through the donation of furniture, clothing and household goods.

Profits from the sale of goods stay in the local community, going directly towards funding our services and programs – every year we assist around 300,000 people experiencing disadvantage and homelessness in NSW. 

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Donating to Vinnies

We are very grateful to the generous public who donate good quality, pre-loved items, as proceeds from our shops provide a substantial source of funding needed to run our local programs and services.

Please come in during opening hours to pass on donations to our friendly staff, alternatively you can donate via our Vinnies Donation Bins.

As a guide for what to donate, if you would give your items to a friend, then they are most welcome as a donation.

Clothing, accessories, books, toys, bric-a-brac, household items, sporting goods, and bedding are all suitable. Some shops accept furniture and electrical items, however, it’s best to ring the shop and check because not all shops have space for large furniture or are able to sell electrical items (for legal and safety reasons). 

We are not able to accept stained mattresses or broken furniture.

Each year, around 2 billion donated items are processed and sorted by charity recyclers. We do this to ensure that they are of saleable quality. If an item of clothing is not good enough to sell or be given to those in need, it is recycled, reused or distributed to communities in countries experiencing poverty.

Partnership with Grace Removals 

grace removals logo partnership with vinnies

Leading Australian service company, Grace Group, has partnered with Vinnies across Australia to help home movers donate unwanted goods to a good cause.

The Grace Vinnies initiative

Established in 1911 as a small household removals business in Sydney, Grace has grown into an Australasian market leader offering a broad range of specialty services including removals, self-storage, fine art logistics, business services, and FF&E, information management and mobility services.

Grace recognise that if not for local communities across Australia, the company would not have grown as it has. 

Over the years, Grace found that people were throwing out between 15- 50kg of unwanted goods when moving house. That’s why they’ve joined forces with Vinnies via a free service that helps movers donate unwanted goods.

How does it work?

As part of regular removal and storage services, Grace provides free specially marked Vinnies moving boxes. Once you’ve packed these boxes with your unwanted goods, they’re picked up by Grace and taken to your local Vinnies shop on your behalf. The proceeds are used to assist Australians experiencing disadvantage.

Don’t send your good quality items to the tip! Donate them to Vinnies when moving house.

For more information on how you can move house and make a difference, visit the Grace website.