National Op Shop Week runs from 27 August to 2 September this year.

National Op Shop Week celebrates shopping while at the same time supporting the social and environmental benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling. 

Op shopping has grown in popularity in recent years as people take steps to reduce the amount of waste they create and live more sustainably. 

There are also huge positive social benefits from supporting op shops. At Vinnies, all surplus funds go toward running the programs we deliver in local communities, assisting people experiencing disadvantage and homelessness. 

We also give away clothes, furniture and homeware to people going through hard times. The generosity of our donors is reflected in the wide range of good quality contemporary and vintage items we receive.

In NSW sales from our Shops equate to approximately 40 per cent of our revenue, the importance of Vinnies Shops, their customer and donors cannot be underestimated. 
Op shopping gives pre-loved items a second life, reduces landfill and contributes towards the provision of essential services in Australian communities all over the country. 

2017 launch

This year the launch took place at the Vinnies Waverley Shop at 255 Bronte Road, Waverley on Sunday 27 August at 10.30am.


Jon Dee, MD of Do Something and founder of National Op Shop Week opened the Week with Joe Hildebrand and Rae Johnston joining in the launch activities. The launch was capped off with a fashion parade featuring Wink Models styled by Vinnies stylist Tara Castellan. 

At noon the doors opened to welcome our customers. During the afternoon, there was a repeat of the fashion show, lucky door prizes, giveaways and the Vinnies Instagram competition. 

Thanks to everyone who participated for making this such a successful launch!

Vinnies Shops - New South Wales

The local Vinnies Shop is the well-loved face of Vinnies. With almost 250 shops in suburbs and towns across NSW, there’s a good chance there’s one near you.

Vinnies Shops are run by dedicated volunteers and employees and offer a range of quality clothing, furniture, books, toys and other household items at affordable prices. 

Each shop is a treasure trove for bargain hunting fashionistas and for people who like doing things differently. It is a regular destination for people who enjoy reusing and recycling. 
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Who knows what you might find at your local Vinnies shop?

Profits from the sale of goods stay in the local community, going directly towards funding our services and programs – every year we assist 400,000 people experiencing disadvantage and homelessness in NSW.  

Vinnies Shops also directly assist people experiencing disadvantage through the donation of furniture, clothing and household goods. 

We are very grateful to the generous public who donate good quality, pre-loved items because proceeds from our shops provide approximately 47 per cent of the funding needed to run our local programs and services. 

Donating to Vinnies

Good quality, clean, pre-loved or unused items are welcome donations at Vinnies Shops.

If you would give your items to a friend, then they are most welcome as a donation.

Clothing, accessories, books, toys, bric-a-brac, household items, sporting goods and bedding are all suitable. Some shops accept furniture and electrical items, however it’s best to ring the shop and check because not all shops have space for large furniture or are able to sell electrical items (for legal and safety reasons).  

We are not able to accept stained mattresses or broken furniture.

Each year, around 2 billion donated items are processed and sorted by charity recyclers. We do this to ensure that they are of saleable quality. If an item of clothing is not good enough to sell or be given to those in need, it is recycled, reused or distributed to communities in countries experiencing poverty.

When to donate

It’s best to deliver your donation when the shop is open. Leaving donations outside a shop or on the street means they can get damaged by rain or rummaged through and soiled or broken so we can’t sell them.

In some areas, Vinnies donation bins are available for after-hour donations.

If you are unsure about whether we can accept your donation, please call your local shop.

Go to www.vinnies.org.au/shops and enter your suburb or postcode for information on how to donate, volunteer and find your closest Vinnies Shop.

Partnership with Grace Removals targets home movers

Grace Removals Group has partnered with Vinnies to help home movers make donating quality, unwanted goods to charity even easier.

When moving house, people throw out between 15- 50kg of unwanted goods.  Grace Removals found that this includes a lot of good quality items.

So they joined forces with us to offer a free service.

As part of their regular removal and storage service, Grace Removals now provides free, specially branded boxes to home movers. Then they deliver the boxed, unwanted goods directly to the local Vinnies Shop, saving the householder the effort and saving the goods from the tip.

Find out more.