The amazing benefits of opshopping at Vinnies

Op shopping at Vinnies has so many positive benefits from recycling to helping disadvantaged Australians.

We've listed our top 8 reasons why:

1. Designer products at a fraction of the price

We often get donated amazing designer items like Prada, Gucci, Armani and more that we resell at a fraction of the price. 

2. Vinnies has a constantly changing selection

Our range is constantly changing thanks to the generous donations we receive. Often the item you saw one day is gone by the next, so you could visit us two or three times a week and always see something new on the racks.


3. You can find genuine vintage items

And by geniune we mean GENUINE! Vintage purses, shoes, coats even cameras and books. We've even had memorabilia from World War I donated on a number of occasions. 

4. We sell more than just clothes

While we are known for our great quality clothing, we sell more than that! We have books, home wares, dinnerware, toys, linen, suitcases, baskets, jewellery, cameras, crystal etc.

 Image by @riptorrp 

5. You can find great DIY projects at Vinnies

Many savvy op shoppers can see beyond something and what it could be. For example finding a coat that's slightly too big - still grab it get it altered to fit perfectly. Or that cool shirt print that can be used to recover a statement chair.

6. Profits help vulnerable Australians

All the profits from our shops go right back into the community, funding local programs like soup vans, food hampers, tutoring programs for disadvantage children, emergency relief, accommodation and more.

7. You can find items that are no longer made

It might be an out-of-print book or an iconic band T-shirt, we have a lot of items that you'll no longer be able to find in the traditional retails stores.

8. Shopping at Vinnies is environmentally friendly

Shopping at Vinnies is a great way to recycle; you can donate clothes you no longer wear and buy more clothes, eliminating waste in the process.

Find your closest Vinnies

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