Vinnies needs your support this Christmas

5 December 2022

Thousands of households face uncertainty heading into the festive season with a growing number of people reaching out for assistance due to soaring cost of living pressures.

St Vincent de Paul Society NSW stands ready to offer a hand up to families and individuals in their time of need but requires the support of the community to give generously to its annual Vinnies Christmas Appeal.

The Society aims to raise $1.3 million this year to assist people with food, clothing, household bills, rental increases and other expenses.

“We’ve been pleased to see the support shown to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal so far, yet, sadly, there has been huge demand for our services in light of current financial pressures,” said Jack de Groot, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW CEO.

“Our ability to meet the need that exists in the community is being tested, so if you have the capacity to make a donation to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal we would be most appreciative.

“For a lot of the people who are calling on our services for the first time, the rising cost of housing, utilities, food and other essentials is leaving them in a place where they are struggling just to have the basics required to live.

“It is a travesty that those with the least are being the hardest hit by the current moment; everyone is being impacted in some way, but a person’s ability to weather the impact is directly related to their financial mobility.”

“Our members are meeting with people every day who are unsure how they will make it through next week, let alone what presents will be under the tree this Christmas,” said Paul Burton, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW State President.

“The Society has been wrapping food hampers and presents for children which will be distributed to households over the coming weeks.

“Providing material and financial assistance is an important part of the work done in communities across the state by the Society, but what is just as important is the compassion our members show toward people in need to let them know that they aren’t alone.

“There is a great deal of uncertainty in the world today, so any support we can provide thanks to the generosity of donors to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal is welcome to give people hope in hard times.”

Donations can be made at, calling 13 18 12 and at all Vinnies Shops. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Media contact: Lachlan Jones | 0417 446 430