About us

About Us


The St Vincent de Paul Society is a lay Catholic organisation that aspires to live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice, hope and joy, and by working to shape a more just and compassionate society.


The St Vincent de Paul Society aspires to be recognised as a caring Catholic charity offering a hand up to people in need. We do this by respecting their dignity, sharing our hope, and encouraging them to take control of their own destiny.


An Australia transformed by compassion and built on justice.

The St Vincent de Paul Society is a member and volunteer‑based organisation that has been assisting people experiencing disadvantage and hardship in NSW for 140 years.

The Society was founded by a 20‑year‑old man named Frederic Ozanam in 1833 who, with a group of friends, sought to alleviate the poverty and disadvantage that he saw around him in post‑revolution France. Leading by example and, with boundless energy, Frederic started what is now a worldwide movement in just 20 short years.

The St Vincent de Paul Society NSW currently has close to 11,000 members and volunteers across the state, giving tirelessly of their time. In total, we have 368 local member networks, referred to as conferences, present in communities across NSW.

Our members, volunteers and staff assist people experiencing disadvantage with resources including food parcels and vouchers, financial assistance, help with energy bills and other expenses, budget counselling, school items for children, and the provision of other material items such as furniture, clothing, bedding and any other household items.

Importantly, we also provide vital emotional support and referral services as needed.

The St Vincent de Paul Society NSW is also a leading provider of frontline services, with 100 local services across the state. These deal with a range of issues including homelessness, domestic and family violence, disability, mental health, youth wellbeing, refugee and migrant inclusion, rehabilitation and addiction.

NSW Strategic Plan

The St Vincent de Paul Society NSW Strategic Plan 2020-2022 marks a new era of transformation for the Society as we prepare ourselves for the future.

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