School Student Broadband Initiative

School Student Broadband Initiative

The St Vincent de Paul Society is pleased to be a nominating organisation for the Australian Government’s School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI).

A picture of a young girl in a spotty t-shirt, wearing headphones and writing on a pad of paper. She has a laptop in front of her.

The Australian Government is providing up to 30,000 eligible families with school age children access to free home internet until 31 December 2025 under SSBI.  

Children who can access online learning at home as part of their education are more likely to engage in classroom activities.  

Access to fast internet at home can help children: 

  • build their digital skills 
  • learn how to safely use the internet  
  • participate in a world that is more dependent on digital technology 

As a nominating organisation we can help you register for the SSBI.  

Parents/carers with school age children can also contact the National Referral Centre directly to check their eligibility and register.  

Watch this short clip to learn more


To be eligible, families must: 

  • have a child living at home that is enrolled in an Australian school
  • have no National Broadband Network (nbn) internet service at home - having a mobile internet service does not affect eligibility
  • live somewhere that can access the nbn via a standard connection – check with nbn
  • not have had an active nbn connection during the previous 14 days

How does the School Student Broadband Initiative work?

The home internet service will be provided until 31 December 2025 through a participating internet provider over the National Broadband Network.

If eligible, you will be issued a voucher that you can use to pay any of the participating SSBI internet providers.

You will have until 31 December 2024 to use the voucher and get connected.  

Internet providers will have their own step-by-step process to get you connected, which may involve providing identification. They will give you a router/modem.

The initiative does not include devices such as a computer or tablet. Other household members can use the internet service provided through the SSBI. 

The free internet period will start from the day your service is activated. At the end of the free internet period, you should not be placed on a paid service by your internet provider without your consent. 

For more information

The nbn has all the details, including a list of participating internet providers.

The National Referral Centre provides detailed information, resources (including translated resources) and an enquiry form for self-referral.

Contact us for more information