Winter at Vinnies

Each year as winter rolls around, Vinnies Shops experience a shortage of quality winter garments. When the cold weather hits, most shops struggle to keep up as demand for warm clothing exceeds supply.

Many of the Vinnies customers seeking warm clothing have run into financial hardship and need affordable clothing to keep warm over winter.

This year, Vinnies is encouraging the community to donate surplus winter clothing including jackets, jumpers or cosy knitted items. All donated goods are either given directly to those in need or sold instore with the profits going right back towards supporting the local community.

Vinnies encourages donations to be dropped off during business hours, so our dedicated volunteers can attend to the donations immediately.

This protects the items from poor weather conditions or potential theft that can occur when left after hours.

Help Vinnies stay warm this winter and donate winter garments to your nearest Vinnies shop today.

Visit to find your local Vinnies.