More about Vinnies

Vinnies operates over 100 shops across Victoria.  All these stores offer a great range of pre-loved clothing and household items.  Many also sell furniture and select electrical appliances.

Vinnies Shops exist to help those less fortunate and in need of assistance.  We aim to do this, at a local and grass roots level, in one of two ways:

1.    Offering a great range of quality, pre-loved items at affordable prices
2.    Using profits from the sale of goods, to provide resources and fund the many support services we offer

Our ability to provide this type of support is reliant on the donation of quality items and we actively encourage the donation of clothing and household items.

Vinnies Shops offer a great range of products at affordable prices – making them a great place for anyone to shop.

Donations received at store are sorted and prepared for sale by a team of retail volunteers.  They decide the price of each item, based on the condition and quality of each, individual item.

Our volunteers receive training and instruction regarding this pricing method and when in doubt they ask the store manager for guidance or feedback.  Our volunteers know the importance of making sure items are priced affordably, however they also understand that we have a responsibility to price our goods at a rate that allows us to help many people as possible.  Finding the balance between those two requirements can sometimes be hard, but we believe, that more often than not, we get it right.

It is important that we honour the donations we receive and price items based on their quality and ‘market value’.  When we receive a rare or unique piece of clothing, furniture or art, we will try and research its worth.  We never want to over-price items, but at the same time we need to be mindful of an items value and careful not to under-price unique and valuable pieces.

Vinnies Shops adopt a very local and grass roots model of assistance.  In addition to our shops, Vinnies also operates what it calls ‘conferences’ throughout the State.  A conference is a community-based group of volunteers that work together to specifically meet the welfare and emergency relief requirements of their local community.  Each of our Vinnies stores has a relationship with one of these community-based conferences.  The conferences work closely with the store to provide clothing, food, furniture and financial assistance to people experiencing disadvantage.  Their ability to provide this welfare assistance is a direct result of profits generated from the sale of goods in store – in that local area.
Acknowledging this, we have a responsibility to price items in a way that will allow us to help as many people as possible.