Vinnies welcomes the donation of quality furniture pieces and will organise the collection of furniture in good condition. 

To organise a pick up simply complete and submit the online collection form including a photo of the item/s for donation.  Call us on 1800 621 349 if you are unsure.

Please note that with increased demand for the collection and distribution of donations, it can often take two weeks to coordinate a suitable pick up time.

Furniture collection: 1800 621 349 or

Donating Do’s:

  • Donate good quality furniture that can be sold or given to families in need

Donating Don’ts:

  • Don’t leave donations out the front of shops when the shop is closed
  • Don’t bring to store directly as many shops do not sell furniture and therefore cannot accept donations at store level

Restricted items we cannot sell in our shops unless standard are met include:
Baby walkers, bunk beds, change tables, strollers and other childcare products

Restricted items we cannot accept or sell in our shops include:
Wire based beds, electrical appliances with a heating element