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Check out great styling tips and tricks from these keen op-shoppers!


  • Style for Real Women

    Find your style at Op shop prices, Fiona Bassett Do you have heaps of clothes but nothing to wear? Are you trapped wearing the same old colours and styles and aren't confident in what else might work for you? Do you have a big event coming up, or a...

  • Blue Umbrella Lane - #DenimDoneDifferent

    Emily from 'Blue Umbrella Lane' blog took part in our #DenimDoneDifferent Challenge and refashioned an old pair of jeans with lace for a unique look. See how you can refashion your old jeans.

  • Pacific Ginger - #DenimDoneDifferent

    Michelle from 'Pacific Ginger' took up our #DenimDoneDifferent Challenge and outdid her original brief and found a head-to-toe denim outfit all for under $50. See her look.

  • Faboulous Femme - #DenimDoneDifferent

    Souri from 'Fabulous Femme' has done it again with our #DenimDoneDifferent challenge! We challenged her to style a piece of denim clothing 5 different ways.

  • Style Wilderness - Vinnies Winter Warm Up

    Leeyong from 'Style Wilderness' blog has supported our #VinniesWarmUp campaign with this DIY woolly cardigan.

  • Lilt Blog - Vinnies Winter Warm Up

    Lucianna from 'Lilt Blog' shares her tips for tackling a wardrobe clean-out.

  • Recycled Fashion - Vinnies Winter Warm Up

    Erica from 'Recycled Fashion' blog is back again and this time has taken part in our #VinniesWarmUp Challenge.

  • Fabulous Femme - 20 Dollar Challenge

    The fabulous Souri from 'Fabulous Femme' recently completed our #20DollarChallenge and found a timeless outfit for all for $20! See her outfit.

  • Vinnies #NewYearNewStyle Challenge

    Can you go two whole weeks wearing only 10 pre-loved items of clothing? Take part in Vinnies #NewYearNewStyle challenge

  • Fabulous Femme - #NewYearNewStyle Challenge

    'Fabulous Femme' blogger Souri shows how you can still look great, not have to spend a fortune and do good for the environment. See her stylish outfits.

  • Style Wilderness - #NewYearNewStyle Challenge

    Can fashion-addict Leeyong from 'Style Wilderness' blog survive on 10 pieces of clothing for 14 days in our Vinnies #NewYearNewStyle Challenge? See her daily looks.

  • Recycled Fashion - #NewYearNewStyle Challenge

    Erica from 'Recycled Fashion' who is always up for any challenge shows us that style doesn't need to cost a lot. See her #NewYearNewStyle pre-loved looks.

  • My Vintage Childhood - #NewYearNewStyle Challenge

    Trudie from 'My Vintage Childhood' blog took up our Vinnies #NewYearNewStyle challenge on the fly, picking out her 10 pre-loved items on-the-go! See her looks.

  • Crafternoon with Vinnies

    3 easy ‘Crafternoon’ DIY ideas with Vinnies Looking for a weekend activity for the kids? There’s nothing like getting engrossed in a good DIY project. So stop Pinterest-ing, because Vinnies has the...

  • Style Wilderness - Spring Racing Headpiece Challenge

    Haven't got a fascinator for the Spring Carnival yet? No problems! Leeyong shares her DIY tricks to create a race-worthy headpiece from millinery items found at Vinnies in two minutes!

  • Recycled Fashion - Spring Racing Headpiece Challenge

    Erica combined her love of using preloved men's ties and zips and millinery items from Vinnies to design this creative Spring Racing Carnival headpiece!

  • My Poppet - Spring Racing Headpiece Challenge

    We challenged Cintia to create a Spring Racing headpiece from millinery items found at Vinnies and we LOVE what she’s designed! See all her tips and tricks and instructions to make a similar headpiece.

  • Sustainable Parties Made Easy

    Love the look? The wonderful Cassie from Firecracker took up our style challenge – sourcing tableware and accessories from Vinnies – and showing how you can get party ready on a budget. Check out her tips and...

  • Recycled Fashion - Winter Jacket Challenge

    Erica shares her tips on how to get the most out of an evening jacket but styling it for day-wear. Check out her look and op-shopping tips.

  • Style Wilderness - Winter Jacket Challenge

    We set Leeyong a challenge – show us how you would style a faux fur winter coat. Leeyong didn’t disappoint. She didn’t just style one look – she styled 6!