Thanks to our friends at Scrap Hotline, you can drop your Vinnies donations to one of 15 recycling depots. See the map below, or a list further down the page.



Scouts Recycling (Willaston)
10 Paxton Street, Willaston

Scouts Recycling (Angle Vale)
Lot 207 Angle Vale Road, Angle Vale

Scouts Recycling (Green Fields)
670 Port Wakefield Road, Green Fields

Scouts Recycling (Salisbury Plains)
81 Stanbel Road, Salisbury Plains

Scouts Recycling (Smithfield)
Anderson Walk, Smithfield


Daws Road Recycling
76 Daws Rd, Edwardstown

Oaklands Road Recycling Centre
59 Oaklands Rd, Somerton Park

Sherrifs Rd Recycling
4 Liston Road, Lonsdale

Hackham Recyclers
16 Cottage Lane, Hackham

P&T Recycling
42-46 Seaford Road, Seaford


Scouts Recycling (Stepney)
16 Payneham Road, Stepney

Scouts Recycling (Magill)
657 Magill Road, Magill


Scouts Recycling (Port Adelaide)
326 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide

Mooringe Ave Recycling Centre
114 Mooringe Avenue, North Plympton