Our Vinnies Katherine store has something for everyone, with a large selection of clothes, shoes, linen, books, and nick knacks.

With the air force base nearby and the popularity of online shopping, the store benefits from a range of quality, locally donated, pre-loved, and sometimes as new, items. But like all our stores, the Katherine store also receives stock from our other distribution centres in the Territory.

Liz, the store manager is a young, energetic op-shop enthusiast, with a great eye for fashion and clothing for young and old. You’ll find Liz and the team happy to help you find what you need, and always with a smile. 

Our team care about all their customers and they believe in providing a great service that meets the needs of people from all walks of life in Katherine. And, they know how to create a fun shopping, and volunteering, experience.

Don’t be surprised to walk into the store and find a Saturday has been declared “Formal Saturday”, with Liz and her team dressed up to the nines, and ‘prom music’ playing in the background.  

Drop in and have a look around, it’s certainly worth the visit; and if you want to join in, speak to Liz about volunteering with Vinnies.


Other Vinnies services nearby

Vinnies operates Housing Services in Katherine for those in need of medium to longer term accommodation.  (Jake link to that section of website)


Meet Liz, Store Manager.

Liz declares she has been obsessed with op shopping and clothes for as long as she can remember. She would visit the local Vinnies store every Saturday. It was while visiting one day that Liz discovered the store would have to reduce opening hours due to a shortfall in volunteers. There and then, in 2018, Liz became a volunteer.

Leaving a job with Westpac and moving to Katherine, Liz took over managing the large Katherine store in late 2019. In this role, she has been able to combine her love of customer service and being in an op shop environment six days a week! 

What do you love about your role?

Meeting all types of people. Having fun, talking with customers and volunteers. Encouraging a warm, friendly, team environment to provide great service. Being surrounded by clothes and interesting items. Making a difference in what we merchandise and increasing the appeal of our items across a wider audience.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Play with my 3 year old. I started young in an op shop environment, growing up in a family with four kids we would often go shopping at Vinnies for our clothes. My son is starting early at Vinnies too, he sometimes comes to the store on a Saturday to help – he’s learning his numbers from the register.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Being able to speak and understand every language in humankind, so we can understand what each other means.

And just for a little fun, what’s your favourite dessert?

Vanilla ice-cream and milo.