Vinnies re/CYCLE Range

Every item has an impact. With the current fast-pace of fashion consumption, nearly 6000 kilograms of clothing and textile waste goes to Australian landfills every 10 minutes.

Meet re/CYCLE, our new eco-friendly range of blankets, throws, rugs, and cushions. Made from recycled textiles & materials, our new circular approach means some of our pre-loved items along with many other diverted textiles are being used to create a range of classic yet colourful styles with minimal impact on the environment.

For two years now, Vinnies NSW has been sending some of our non-saleable donations to overseas partners who are now turning these textiles and others, into something of value.

Much like all items sold in our shops, profits from re/CYCLE sales will support people experiencing poverty, homelessness and hardship throughout the state.

Available in selected Vinnies NSW Shops from late November. The re/CYCLE range is only available in select Vinnies Shops, please check with your local shop about availability near you. 


How does it work?

We receive donations and sort through them at our warehouses, sending many items unfit for resale in the shops to overseas partners. Some of our textiles, along with many other diverted clothes and materials, are then separated before being sent off to different factories and turned into new, quality items. This is sent back to Australia and put on our shelves!

Does that mean it’s more expensive?

No, we have worked hard to produce an affordable, sustainable option for any household, while also ensuring workers are fairly treated and paid.