Vinnies 4 Life Bespoke Totes

New! Vinnies 4 Life Bespoke Totes

Brand new in selected Vinnies Shops, Vinnies 4 Life Bespoke Totes are as unique as you! Hand crafted using donated textiles and accessories that may otherwise have gone to waste, our Bespoke Totes are made by Castlereagh Industries, a special work of the St Vincent de Paul Society. A social enterprise providing personalised flexible employment, Castlereagh Industries encourages people to discover their unique potential, through opportunity and choice.
By re-purposing and recycling textiles Vinnies is contributing to the preservation of our environment, and reducing waste and landfill. Vinnies 4 Life is a new venture, providing training, mentoring, leadership and supported employment opportunities for persons with disability in NSW. Your purchase supports the work of Castlereagh Industries in providing a range of employment options and other fit for purpose structures to meet the growing aspirations and desires of supported employees.

With more Vinnies Shops to stock the bags soon. Hurry in store to get yours!



Every Vinnies 4 Life Bespoke Tote is unique. A limited number of the Totes are available at these Vinnies Shops:

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    What are Vinnies 4 Life Bespoke Totes? Vinnies 4 Life Bespoke Totes are one of kind bags made from donated textiles, clothing or accessories that would usually go to rag or landfill. Who makes them? The Bespoke Totes are...