In response to COVID-19, we temporarily closed our Vinnies Shops around the state. We have started the process of re-opening, get the latest updates on which shops are open. As all donation station sites are now open for business, you can donate during opening hours or find your nearest Vinnies donation bin.



As we all respect our wider community by staying safe indoors, we understand it’s an ideal time for a spring clean so have been working to provide a solution while we’re closed. We’ve had lot of feedback that our customers and supporters would still love to donate to us so we’ve launched our new donation collection service, Donation Stations across Sydney. Each of these donation drop-off points are now ready to accept quality donations of clothes, bric-a-brac, books and household items. You can also donate at an additional ten locations across NSW with our Hotels Have Hearts partners.

We are welcoming quality donations now for when it’s time to re-open, as our shops raise essential funding for our community services which serve people facing poverty, homelessness and disadvantage.

For larger items, we ask that you call ahead on 9350 9660 so we can assess our capacity to take them. If you have furniture you would like to donate, please send your enquiry to

For your peace of mind, our Donation Stations are designed with social distancing measures in mind to reduce risks as much as possible, so we ask that people donate at these specific sites, rather than leaving items outside of the shops, donation bins or on the footpath.


Here’s some handy tips on donating responsibly to help you get started:

  • We are open 9am – 3.30pm daily, please come during these hours to ensure we can accept your donation.
  • It’s never okay to leave goods outside bins or in front of charity shop fronts. If the bin is full, don’t leave your goods – donate at the donation station or come back later.
  • Rubbish and damaged items belong in the garbage bin, not in a charity bin or donation station. If you wouldn’t give a second-hand item to a mate, don’t donate.
  • If it’s dirty, damaged or dangerous we won’t be able to accept it. If you do have items to dispose of that are not appropriate for donation, contact your local council to arrange a council pickup or to find your nearest waste station.