Vinnies Moments
Vinnies Moments shares how your donations make an impact on our community. Email or donate today.


  • Vinnies Moments - Spring 2022

    This Spring issue of Vinnies Moments, shares stories of how our generous supporters and dedicated volunteers make a difference in people's lives. #GOODFEEDS

  • Vinnies Moments - Autumn 2022

    This Education issue of Vinnies Moments highlights the importance of your support for vulnerable children. Thank you for helping to create new possibilities.

  • Vinnies Moments - Spring 2021

    This Food Crisis issue of Vinnies Moments highlights the real difference you can make by providing food and friendship to Victorians in need. #GOODFEEDS

  • Vinnies Moments - Autumn 2021

    This special 'Education' issue of Vinnies Moments highlights the real difference you make in the lives of struggling students. Thank you. Your support makes an enormous difference #GOODEMPOWERS.

  • Vinnies Moments - Spring 2020

    Offer of food changes lives | Food in times of crisis | A recipe for hope | The hunger crisis - your impact | A different Vinnies Shop | A special way to give | Bushfire update | 10 year partnership steps up during...

  • Vinnies Moments - Autumn 2020

    Your impact on education | Thank you for sharing the Christmas spirit | Special Bushfire update | Youth empowering youth | A special way to give | Day at the soccer for Dandenong Education Program | Expanding education...

  • Vinnies Moments - Spring 2019

    A message from the CEO | Leading with compassion | Winter was a little less lonely | From the archives | Food and friendship is a lifeline | Lord Mayor champions soup vans | A special way to give | The Vinnies Shops VIP...

  • Vinnies Moments - Autumn 2019

    A message from the CEO | CEO Sleepout 2019 | Students serving for 100 years | From the archives | Back to School | Creating Opportunities | Footsteps of Frederic | A special way to give | Thanks for spreading Christmas...

  • Vinnies Moments - Spring 2018

    Investing in Morwell's youth | A connection to kindness | Woodards have a ball for a good cause | A special way to give | Vinnies CEO Sleepout | Winter Community Sleepout | Frankston bestues give back | Sapphire's bright...

  • Vinnies Moments - Autumn 2018

    Vinnies hydrates visitors to Government House | Delivering hampers of hope | 2018 Vinnies CEO Sleepout | Celebrating 90 years of Vinnies Shops in Victoria | On the Road: Supporting Victorian's every day | Thank you and...

  • Vinnies Moments - Spring 2017

    Right Here Beside Us | Family of Seven Grateful For Support | Keeping The Wheels Turning | Compeer Turns 10 | Supporters See Their Donations In Action

  • Vinnies Moments - Autumn 2017

    Walk with Kathy | Green books | Around the kitchen table | A road trip to remember …