Meet Julia
Vinnies Victoria are so lucky to have the support of a fabulous cohort of volunteers who are pushing limits every single day in their effort to help us be an inclusive and diverse organisation that empowers through empathy.

One such volunteer is Julia Tuccitto, a registered nurse who has been volunteering with Vinnies for the last three years.

“Julia is an inspiration. She is a big advocate for Vinnies and the kids love her," says Stephanie Shave, our Youth Engagement Team Leader.

"I remember one day she came straight to the Dandenong warehouse from a long shift at hospital, just to help out with our eBay store...still in her scrubs! Now that's dedication for you.” 

Our volunteers constantly make selfless contributions like this and are our greatest assets. 

Julia is just one of our many volunteers. We are so thankful to all of them who are always willing to be there for us whenever we need their support.