Lawnmowing by Hugo
Every weekend grade three student Hugo Martin mows the lawn at home and, every second week, he helps out by mowing his grandpa’s.

Last Christmas, Hugo decided he wanted to do something different. “I’d like to raise some money for children who won’t get many presents under the tree,” he said. So Hugo combined his love of mowing and decided to mow lawns in support of the Vinnies Christmas Appeal.

Hugo distributed an introductory letter around his local neighbourhood offering to mow their nature strips in exchange for a donation. 

“My mum is happy to put the lawn mower in the boot so if you have a friend who would like their lawn mowed for charity in a neighbouring suburb, just let me know” he added. “At the end of my project I will send you an email letting you know how much I raised for charity.”

With a very busy schedule, Hugo would ensure his Friday night meal was a big bowl of pasta providing him with enough energy to get all his mowing done.

We think Hugo is an absolute legend and we hope that he inspires you.