Another helping hand came from our valued corporate partner, Jemena who graciously stepped in to help Vinnies with our Back to School campaign after noticing a large percentage of children were struggling with home schooling. 

The company supported Vinnies with more than 300 refurbished laptops that could be used by families who were forced to home school their kids during the lockdown.

“We retire laptops on an annual or quarterly basis,’’ said Andrew Davis, Jemena’s General Manager, “instead of disposing off the laptops, we have their memory scrubbed and rebuild them with new software so kids could actually do online schooling. The laptops, which have been rebuilt with pre-installed software means children can go straight into learning."

One beneficiary of the donation is a Victorian family with three young girls who had been relying on their mum’s phone to access their online learning. Jeff Antcliff, St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria General Manager, Retail & Youth said, “If it wasn’t for this wonderful donation, we wouldn’t have been able to provide two laptops to that family and we’ve enabled them to continue their education…If you want to get out of poverty, I think one of the most important things is education.

“Rather than businesses turning goods they no longer need into landfill, they’ve been able to repurpose them for those in need. [It’s] a great partnership…I think that’s the most important thing because it’s really at the top level of the circular economy,” he adds.