Celebrating 45 years of Ozanam Enterprises

Established in 1976, this year Ozanam Enterprises celebrates its 45th milestone. 

Ozanam Enterprises is an Australian Disability Enterprise which employs 65 people living with a disability to develop their skills. Funded through NDIS and TAC, our service provides ongoing stable and specialised employment with on the job training, delivered with an individualised approach.

Located in Carrum Downs, the service is well equipped to provide production and packaging solutions relevant to specific needs.

However, Ozanam Enterprises has something even better than production and packing solutions, suggests Business Development Specialist - Corporate Services, Nancy Zele. "Our employees are our greatest assets," she said. 

"We provide Supported Employment which is not only beneficial for the individual, but for their families and supporters as well. It provides everyone here with a sense of responsibility, dignity and self-worth that are important aspects of a person’s life and more so for people experiencing social disadvantage."

All of the employees at Ozanam Enterprises take immense pride in being a part of such a great team which has allowed them to develop socially, financially and, most importantly, individually. Positive outcomes for employees include improved financial independence and extended opportunities for social integration and friendships.

"It is a privilege working with all these passionate individuals who just love what they do and we are fortunate to have them here with us,” said Nancy.

Ozanam Enterprises continues to provide a high level of social support and extra-curricular training for its staff. 

“We are dedicated to improving the lives of our people, while also taking pride in the quality of service it provides to all its customers,” said Nancy.

For more information about Supported Employment or if we can help you with your production and packaging needs, contact:

Nancy Zele
Business Development Specialist - Corporate Services   
nancy.zele@vincentcare.org.au or 0427 209 763