Societynews 2021 | Education
The St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria has always identified education as a key pathway out of poverty. Good quality education can bring stability, opportunity and a sense of achievement – not only for the student, but often for their families, too. 

We believe every young person should have the opportunity to learn and thrive. That’s why our approach is broad, compassionate and holistic – from addressing a student’s academic and social needs, to alleviating the pressure of a family’s education costs, to ensuring young minds don’t go hungry.

Former teacher and now the St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria's State President, Kevin McMahon said, "Education remains one of my passions, because I see the difference a good, solid education can make in the lives of children – especially vulnerable children.

"When I retired in 2006, I soon joined my local conference and I was approached to help start an after-school Reading Club in West Heidelberg, an inner suburb with a high number of families living in tough circumstances. More than 15 years later, we are going strong and I still look forward to the weekly sessions, especially after we had to conduct the sessions online last year during lockdown." 

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We hope you enjoy this issue of Societynews which features our good works in Education. 

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