Homelessness 2 Home

More than just a roof overhead

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a large number of vulnerable people being placed in hotels across Melbourne. At one point, there were 2,500+ people in hotels, many whom have experienced chronic homelessness, have mental health concerns and/or substance use challenges. 

In order to support this need, the Victorian Government developed and implemented ‘H2H’ (Homelessness to a Home program). In essence, the program provides access to medium and long-term housing and case management for up to two years. 

In partnership with the homelessness and social housing sectors, and in conjunction with the Inner Melbourne Community Hub, VincentCare’s Northern Community Hub has been a key contributor to the H2H initiative in Melbourne’s north.

The H2H program will provide 1,845 people across Victoria with access to stable medium and long-term housing and support packages, targeted towards people experiencing homelessness in hotels due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

VincentCare Glenroy was able to secure 90 packages for our clients.

Many of the people supported into emergency accommodation have experienced long-term homelessness and disadvantage, and have a range of complex support needs; this investment provides the affordable housing and support they need to promote their health and wellbeing, and help alleviate a return to homelessness. The majority of people assisted were male, at 67%, with 17% identifying as First Nations people. 

The H2H program incorporates property acquisition, support services and flexible brokerage. A range of organisations have been working in partnership to deliver a seamless and quality service to the shared clients receiving support through the H2H program. 

Fundamental to the success of the H2H model is the collaboration with key stakeholders. H2H is a great example of what the Northern Community Hub (in conjunction with Inner Melbourne Hub) can do in partnership with the homelessness and social housing sectors, and the government. The project has led to significant outcomes for people experiencing homelessness, and we know that the program is an opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact on homelessness in Victoria.

Paul Turton
Executive General Manager Client Services

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