Guardian angels really do exist

22 years of good knitting

This year Guardian Pharmacy's Guardian Angel Knitting Program produced and donated nearly 3,000 garments to our Soup Van programs and Vinnies Shops, which distributed these lovely warm woolies to local people in need. 

We are very grateful for the support of Guardian Pharmacy and particularly to their Guardian Angels who give the gift of time, kindness and warmth to help others who truly need it. 

Guardian Angels, have selflessly been giving their time and talent to create and donate warm clothing and items to people in need. Vinnies is grateful to have this partnership as together we continue our journey to help people who face homelessness and disadvantage across Victoria.  

Knitted goods donated by the Guardian Angels are either handed out directly to people or sold in store at Vinnies with all proceeds going towards funding Vinnies volunteer programs for the homeless. Knitted scarves, blankets, gloves and socks are the most sought out by those facing homelessness during our cool nights.  

We would like to thank Guardian Pharmacy for their consistent support.

If you’re a business owner and have some ideas how you too can support Vinnies, please contact