A hand of friendship and comfort
For Langwarrin Conference members Norma and Noel, visiting a person in need of financial assistance is not out of the ordinary. However, when they recently visited Helen, they knew that they had to offer more than just financial assistance. 

Helen and her youngest daughter drove down to Melbourne from Brisbane to attend the funeral of her elder daughter, who had passed away due to overdose. Due to the sudden lockdown, Helen was unable to drive back to Brisbane and had to isolate for 14 days in a boarding house – the only place she could afford. 

Mourning the loss of a daughter while facing anxieties about her financial hardship, she decided to ring Vinnies for assistance. 

Norma and Noel went to the boarding house and sat with Helen and her daughter, listening to their traumatic story. Helen was desperately in need of help and not just financial assistance. She needed someone to listen to her and support her through this tough time. Our members were able to do just that, they gave her time to talk and as good listeners were able to provide her with some much-needed comfort. 

As she was short of funds, they provided her with petrol vouchers and $90 in essentials cards, which would help on her long drive back to Brisbane. 

Norma and Noel’s visit is an example of the kind of assistance we provide by extending a hand of friendship and comfort.