Thank you one and all

The 2020 Winter COVID-19 Appeal has brought our supporters together like never before, having raised approximately $1.5 million and counting.

The current health crisis has had a disproportionate impact on the people who already need our help. Unfortunately, this need will continue to rise in the coming months as it is likely that more people lose their jobs. This is why our Good Works are more important than ever. Funds from this year's Winter Appeal mean that we can continue to be there for people when they need us most. 

While our services have adapted to the changed circumstances of COVID-19, we continue to deliver thousands of hampers and food vouchers, advocate for people on the brink of eviction so they are able to retain a roof over their heads, assist families with their utility bills, provide support to people who are ill so they are able to afford vital medications, and support the educational needs of vulnerable children.

We sincerely thank our dedicated conference members, volunteers and parishioners who ‘pivoted’ with us this year. Parish envelopes were not available so we went digital with our Winter Appeal Information Kit, and we are so proud of how everyone adapted to this new format.

In fact, we were able to double the number of donations made online directly to our conferences. We also received an unprecedented number of telephone calls from people keen to not only donate, but also pass on their thanks to our wonderful members and volunteers for their extraordinary work.

On behalf of the people we serve we thank you again for your wonderful support of the appeal, and ultimately for the kindness you show to Victoria’s most vulnerable every day.