There's nothing more heartening as sharing a bowl of steaming soup with people you care about during the cold winter months. This tradition is also very close to the hearts of our very own Vinnies Soup Van service.

To help raise awareness and funds for this much-needed service Victorians were asked to join Vinnies on Sunday 17 May and make a pot of their favourite soup as part of our social media campaign #TakeStock.

The #TakeStock campaign was an overwhelmingly success with the likes of Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp, radio and TV personality Chrissie Swan and Fitzroy chef Maria Kabal joining in, and chopping and stirring their ingredients
into delicious pots of goodness and sharing the results with all of us via social media.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all cause to reflect on our world and our interconnectedness.

Each week, across the four soup van services, our volunteers – our ‘Vannies’ – continued to deliver around 810 hampers (five days’ worth of meals) and 1,200 individual meals. It's food for thought that $45 can purchase a food hamper while $9 can provide one meal to someone in need.

For 45 years, the Vinnies Soup Van service has run almost exclusively with volunteers, delivering meals, friendship and support to people experiencing poverty, social isolation and homelessness.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #TakeStock campaign, sharing their recipes and raising awareness on homelessness in our community.