Dear fellow Vincentians

First and foremost, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who generously supported my participation in this year's Vinnies CEO Sleepout and yes, it was a Sleepout with a difference.

My fundraising goal was $5,000 and I'm pleased to say I have exceeded it and I am now at $5,414. These funds will now be used to assist our homeless services.

This is my third Vinnies CEO Sleepout but the first ever online Sleepout so it has been a completely different experience for me and the whole team at Vinnies.

COVID-19 has ensured that everything we do as an organisation has had to be looked at and adapted to continue our services to people in need and, of course, that included some reimagining of our major annual fundraising event.

Personally, I did miss the usual CEO Sleepout atmosphere and the support of 200+ fellow sleepers – the sense of being in it together, doing it for a great cause and, of course, hearing the inspirational speakers who attend and share their personal experiences. Meeting them in person is always an inspiring part of the evening.

In 2020 my venue of choice was outside on our patio which, to a degree, is open to the weather. The major challenge was being at home where there was the temptation to sneak inside to my warm bed that was less than two metres away. Be assured I did resist that temptation as you can see below and slept as best I could on a 9-degree Melbourne night.

This year has been a tough one in so many different ways. 

To all, I thank you once again for your support and the work you continue to provide in assisting people in need during these difficult and continually changing times. 

I am extremely proud to be part of Vinnies and the Vincentian family on all levels, we are in this together and will continue to support each other as best we can.

Keep safe and looking forward to seeing you all soon. Thank you.