Green Sparks

Green Sparks at Vinnies Shops

Victoria’s energy and environment minister Lily D'Ambrosio (pictured with Jeff Antcliff) officially launched ‘Green Sparks’ at Vinnies Ascot Vale on 4 June 2022.

The volunteer-run recycling program is a Victorian-wide initiative that gives quality electrical goods a second chance at life. 

This test and tag initiative takes quality electrical goods, often destined for careless disposal, and puts them on the shelves of Vinnies Shops for sale. 

The launch was a rare look inside the unique circular economy that sustains Vinnies Shops and shows how every Victorian can support this invaluable initiative – by donating or purchasing quality electrical goods.

All profits of this campaign supports our vital frontline services.

“This launch represents a formalisation and expansion of Vinnies’ passionate commitment to reducing harmful eWaste in our community,” said our EGM Commerical, Jeff Antcliff.

“Vinnies Shops were awarded a $250,000 grant to support this project in September 2021 from the Recycling Victoria Communities Fund. The fund is delivered by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government. Like us, the Victorian Government is dedicated to building a circular, climate resilient, clean economy.”

We have trained and deployed almost 200 passionate Green Sparks electrical test and tag program volunteers in more than 100 Vinnies Shops in all corners of the state. They are ready to receive quality electrical donations in-store, to test, tag and sell the goods. 

Every sale represents an important contribution to reducing harmful eWaste in Victoria, which was officially banned from household bins and landfill on 1 July 2019.