Meet Spirit & Tiggy
Did you know our Vannies not only provide meals for people in need, but also for their beloved pets too! The answer is, yes.

Spirit and Tiggy are just two of the pets that we have met through the Vinnies Soup Van service.

Vinnies volunteer and Soup Van Night Leader Sally pictured here with Spirit said, “The Footscray Soup Van has so many people visit us with their beautiful furry companions. Bringing their pets along often opens up conversation. Spirit and his human visit us regularly and we love that we can provide meals for both.”

Meanwhile, Tiggy stays in the car where she lives with her human, while our Vannies sort out a few meals for both of them. She loves visiting our Vannies and enjoys the meals we are able to provide thanks to donations from Pets of the Homeless Australia.

Providing meals for people and pets doing it tough can decrease the number of healthy animals surrendered due to financial hardship. 

Vinnies is fortunate to have Pets of the Homeless Australia supply our Inner City Soup Van and Footscray Soup Van with donations of dog and cat food every month allowing us to keep an entire family fed.