The kindness of strangers
Have you ever received the gift of kindness from a stranger? Well, that's just what happened at Vinnies Wonthaggi.

Our volunteers, including Julia and Wendy, were serving a young woman with two young children who was at the counter. They were chatting away when another customer approached and said. “Hi, excuse me; I’d like to pay for your purchases.”

The young woman was very surprised, as were the volunteers, but the customer said, “It’s hard with young kids, I know what it can be like” and proceeded to pay for her purchases.

The young woman was so grateful and became quite emotional, and so did the volunteers.  

The volunteers and the young woman all thanked the customer, who said. “It’s nice to help when you can.”

Such a lovely moment at Vinnies Wonthaggi and one that everyone involved will always remember.