Thank you one and all

Raising more than $1.5 million, the 2021 Vinnies Winter Appeal brings together more people than ever before in support of our good works.

We sincerely thank our dedicated conference members, volunteers and parishioners who recognise the need in our community during this current health pandemic and have dug deep in supporting the people we serve.

Whether it was running an appeal at your local parish, making a donation or providing assistance through Vinnies programs, your support has made an enormous difference when it was needed the most.

COVID-19 adversely impacted the people we already assist, but since the end of the coronavirus assistance payments, there has been an increase in the number of people who are coming to us for the first time. They are casual workers who have lost income and people on Newstart who simply cannot make ends meet.

Each year the Winter Appeal raises much needed funds for Vinnies critical services, but this year, because of the extraordinary outpouring of kindness and compassion from the community, Vinnies can continue to meet the rising demand for our services.

We have continued to deliver thousands of hampers and food vouchers, help keep people safe at night, assist families with their utility bills and support the educational needs of vulnerable children. 

Thank you once again for your kindness and thought for others.