Meet Helen
A few months ago, while the shop team at Vinnies Bendigo were in the lunchroom having a break, a volunteer informed them that a customer had fallen down. Helen, the Shop Manager, immediately went to the area to see how the customer was doing.

Helen spoke to the customer and immediately struck up a conversation as if they had known each other for years. The lady told Helen what had happened, but also that she had walked all the way from the hospital to the shop – which was about 10 minutes by car.

Without hesitation, Helen offered to drive the lady home to her retirement village. On her return, Helen said that she had accepted the lady’s invitation to go inside her home and help her settle in. Helen learned that the lady had a son and, with the help of the people in the unit next door, quickly arranged to contact him and informed him about what had happened.

The lady really appreciated the effort that Helen had gone to in taking her safely home. As Helen was saying goodbye, the lady said that she would be coming into the shop the next day (she is a regular shopper there) and would like to talk about becoming a volunteer!

We are so proud of Helen for her exemplary empathy and for going above and beyond to assist a customer in need. We thank her for truly embodying the Vinnies spirit!