Winter Market


In June, employees at Ozanam House along with community and client volunteers hosted the first-ever Winter Market.

It was a great day and created a wonderful atmosphere in Ozanam House with 57 residents in attendance. Community and client volunteers ran the stalls and also the coffee service with hot jam doughnuts.

Volunteer knitters created beautiful scarves, beanies, gloves with support from our amazing partner KOGO (Knit One Give One). Pinchapoo provided toiletries, while Footscape and Molly gifted lovely socks for the stalls.

Volunteer Garry coordinated and ran the plant stall – which initiated the ‘Caring for your Pot Plant Workshop’ series.

Great feedback was received from residents saying that “this is the happiest day since I’ve been at Ozanam House”, “it’s great it’s all free and I can get warm clothing”.