Social Justice & Advocacy

Social justice and advocacy on the behalf of people who are marginalised and disadvantaged is a key function of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

In Victoria, the Society’s Social Justice & Advocacy Committee is committed to being the voice for the voiceless, highlighting issues currently occurring and being addressed by our members, which also provide relevant recommendations, resources and support where possible.

The Social Justice & Advocacy Committee endeavours to make governments aware of the difficulties being experienced by people who are marginalised and in need, and suggest initiatives which might be considered by governments to assist in alleviating these difficulties.

Areas identified within Victoria requiring specific assistance are the:

  • Impact of increasing utility costs on vulnerable groups in our community. The Society has been examining and quantifying the real cost of living and the impact of policy changes for over 15 years. Results from the evidence-based research undertaken is used to advocate for change within government and the energy market.
  • Impact of increasing education costs on families in the community. With changes to government funding to schools, the Society has become aware the increasing requests to support children with back to school costs. The Social Justice & Advocacy Committee recently began examining and identifying the education assistance being provided by its members.