Cost of Living
The St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria’s Cost of Living programs focus on alleviating hardship and lifting people out of adverse circumstances. Our volunteers provide support and assistance to people in need as well as advocating on their behalf. Our Cost of Living programs include home visitation, emergency expenses and specialist service referrals.

How Vinnies supports households struggling to meet the costs of living

Vinnies Victoria’s Cost of Living programs focus on assisting people on low or fixed incomes who cannot afford basic household bills – or what most people would call a ‘decent’ standard of living.

It is increasingly difficult for people in the casualised workforce, on JobSeeker, disability support and aged-care state pensions, or single parents and people with low savings to manage cost of living expenses, which are generally rising.

People are faced with choices such as paying a gas bill or feeding their children. We believe this is unjust.

Last financial year, Vinnies provided almost $6 million to support the costs of living for Victorians in need – and that’s apart from assistance with rent or food.

Vinnies helps with utility bills, school expenses, medication and fuel, but sometimes also ancillary costs that are essential to maintain human dignity, such as paying for hearing aids, Christmas gifts, pool passes for children to learn to swim, travel expenses to attend a family funeral and many, many others.

Click HERE to see how Ross and Peggy’s story illustrates how Vinnies helped alleviate intense cost of living stress for one couple who were experiencing an overwhelming family health crisis.

As the impact of the pandemic continues to unfold, we expect these pressures to get much, much worse.