Hopes and Aspirations on Newstart

Vinnies has also conducted interviews with a number of people we assist on Newstart in Victoria about their Hopes and Dreams. 

Stacey’s story

Stacey is 39 and a single mother of five children, ranging from a pre-schooler to one in their 20s. Stacey has energy and a positive attitude and is willing to make a contribution wherever she can that is appropriate to her skills. Stacey has suffered from anxiety and depression though in the past.
Stacey has not had positive relationships with men. She has been stalked and harassed by former partners and has had to take out intervention orders. This has necessitated some moving around. She has managed very well on her own and is a loving, caring and nurturing mother. 
After struggling with expensive housing, Stacey moved into a more affordable four-bedroom house, costing around $250 per week. She receives Single parent payment and also does some part-time work to bring in extra money, such as lawn mowing, whipper-snippering and house cleaning.
Vinnies has “helped me so many times with food and petrol vouchers”, as well as occasional school costs. 

What are your hopes and dreams?

“I want to study and to help people. I would also like to earn sufficient money so that my family and I have a decent quality of living. I want to become a drug and alcohol counsellor because I think there is a special need for it in my local area, but one barrier is that Centrelink do not have relevant, approved courses.
“Ideally, I would like to have my own farm with plenty of open space.
“I also want to help my kids realise their dreams, supporting this realisation in whichever way I can.”