In this issue...

2. Poetry and prose – a selection of readers’ contributions

3. Frontlines – From the National President

4. Profile – David Bresnik

5. The NT Intervention – An analysis by Prof. Larissa Behrendt

9. Common ground – The next step in serving the homeless

10. Aids – A forgotten tragedy

12. Vinnies’ Loreto friends celebrate 400 years – 400 years foundation of the Loreto Sisters

14. Home truths – Mental health, housing and homelessness in Australia

15. A place of safety and stability – St Anthony’s Single Women’s Accommodation and Support opens

16. Fred’s Van – Adelaide’s roving meal service

17. The final step in the world youth day journey – Australia hands WYD and Icon to Spain

18. News ion brief – Society news from around Australia

19. Letters to the editor – Readers have their say

20. From the archives – Journal’s 93 ancestry

22. The Bi-millennium of St Paul – The year of St Paul comes to a close

23. Reflection – A spirituality of social justice

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