4  FRONTLINES  From the National President, Graham West. 

5  HOME + HEART Victorian State President Sue Cattermole takes us on a road trip to the dairy rich,
regional town of Rochester.

6  OPINION by Dr John Falzon

8  PROFILE Andrew Herscovitch shares thoughts on a Canberra men's shelter
where many spent the night in the 1970s and 80s.

9  CONFERENCES Bentleigh/Moorabin Conference President Herbert Portanier
shares a personal account of child poverty in Australia.

10 OBITUARY Farewell to former Northern Territory President Maureen Catherine Dunham.

12 FEATURE ARTICLE The Society, prison ministry and advocacy.

14 HUMAN RIGHTS Corinne Dobson on ratifying the OPCAT

16 FEATURE ARTICLE A short history of Victoria's Flemington Conference

18 INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES Report into children removed from families launched at Parliament House, Canberra.      

20 FRIENDSHIP The Vinnies program that matches people struggling with a mental illness with a friend.

21 TIMES PAST The tradition of Vinnies' Christmas cards.

22 FEATURE ARTICLE Victorian campaign calls for a more effective response to begging than fining people who
are experiencing hardship. 

24 FEATURE ARTICLE United Nations Special Rapporteur slams Australia's human rights record.         

26 ENVIRONMENT Revered Elenie Poulos on delivering justice for the planet and justice for the people.

28 REFLECTION Unionist Michael Crosby stands up for oppressed workers.

30 YOUTH Keenan Klassen on the work of Vincentians.

31 YOUTH Tales from a Vinnies kids'camp by Brendan Deany.

(To download The Record, click on the PDF link below)