In this issue...

2. Poetry - Inspirational poems

4-5. Frontlines - From National President Anthony Thornton

6. News in brief

7. Profile - By Mal Nolan

Bendigo area Conferences are working hard to make a difference.

8 & 9. Poverty - By Livia Carusi

“We set ourselves this first goal; by 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty”.

10 & 11. Gathering - By Alicia Webster

Vincentians gather in Melbourne for the first Youth Congress.

12 & 13.  Social Justice - By Dr John Falzon.

A very simple message about what the St Vincent de Paul Society is and why we exist.

14 –17. Homelessness - By Mark McGreevy

A 23 year old charity with a 400 year old tradition.

18. Reflection - By Alicia Webster

“What inspired me to action was an irrepressible hope and belief in a brighter future for them.”

19. Youth – By WA State Council

Another opportunity for Western Australian Youth.

20&21. – The mail

Letters to the editor.

22. Human Rights – By Emilija Beljic

Something we should value and celebrate, rather than disparage and shrink away from.

23-25. Obituary

Richard Charles McDermott and Earl Shorris

26. From the archives – By Mike Moran

Daceyville – A model suburb.

27. Reflection – Lismore Central Council Vincentians say goodbye to a couple of favourites.