In this issue...

2. Poetry and prose - Inspirational poems

3. Frontlines - From the National President

4. Profile - Dominic Lagana

5. Charity in Justice - Bec Bromhead’s six months with Vinnies in South Africa

7. Action from across the ditch - The New Zealand Society’s Liz Chiappini’s address to the Australian National Council

8. Building resilient communities - The Australian Social Inclusion Board

10. Ministry on the margins - The Refounding process will encourage fresh thinking for the Society

11. The Bill of Rights power struggle - Hearing showcases the arguments for and against a national Bill of Rights

12. From the margins - Speaking up on mental health

13. Dining with Friends - Good works in Tasmania

14. Your liberation is bound up with mine - Dr John Falzon on the call to engage in a practice of liberation, not paternalism

16. Book review - The marginalisation of Ted Kennedy

17. News in Brief - Society news from across the country

18. Caritas in Veritate - Commentary on Pope Benedict XVI’s social encyclical

19. From the archives - Papal support for social justice

20. Letters to the editor - A glimmer of hope from Fitzroy Crossing

22. Reflection - I am 46 years old

23. Reflection - Jesus’ friendly presence

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